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Disputes are part of doing business.
Resolving disputes in an efficient affordable way is our business.

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Mediation is one way for people to settle disputes or lawsuits outside of court. In mediation, a neutral third party - the mediator - helps the disputing parties look for a solution that works for them. Mediators, unlike judges, do not decide cases or impose settlements. The mediator's role is to help the people involved in a dispute to communicate and negotiate with each other in a constructive manner, to gain a better understanding of the interests of all parties, and to find a resolution based on common understanding and mutual agreement. The purpose of mediation is not to determine who wins and who loses, but to develop creative solutions to disputes in a way that is not possible at a trial.

Marc-Nicholas Quinn, Our Mediator

I am apractising lawyer and mediator. I carry on a blended practice of injury law and mediation. I provide dispute resolution and conflict management services, with a focus on mediation services. I am a knowledgeable, neutral, third-party professional who has the experience, outlook, and training to listen and to help.

I provide services anywhere in Ontario and am prepared to travel outside of Ottawa for a small additional fee to cover travelling expenses.

I offer mediation services as a member of the Ottawa Mediator Roster for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program. I also offer mediation services privately. I offer session by session mediation, single mediation session and when appropriate, co-mediation.

The training and experience I have received has enabled me to develop the skills and knowledge required for the mediation of a wide variety of disputes. I am are passionate about mediation and conflict resolution.

I offer mediation services in all areas of dispute, with a focus on personal injury, insurance and general litigation matters. Additionally, I am trained in family mediation and offers services in both official languages, English and French.

Ground Rules for Mediation

  • Each party takes turns speaking.
  • Each party agrees not to interrupt the other person when he/she is speaking.
  • You can take notes if you feel you will miss an important point and feel a need to speak. You will have an opportunity to present those ideals when it is your turn to speak.
  • Each party agrees not to demean, belittle, blame, attack or orally disrespect the other.
  • Each party will keep a respectful tone during all discussions.
  • Each party will review and discuss their interests and make no assumptions about what the other party’s motive or interest.
  • Each party will ask questions of the other party to be sure they understand what the other has said.
  • Each party will be honest.
  • Each party agrees to listen respectfully to what the other person is saying.
  • Each party agrees to remain focussed on the issues at hand and avoid being sidetracked into other non-relevant areas.

Benefits of Mediation Chart

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a cost effective means of conflict resolution, less expensive than litigation...any day.



Mediation is the quickest form of alternative conflict resolution process, sometimes taking only a couple of hours to resolve the entire conflict

Types of Cases

Mediation is suitable for almost any conflict, except cases of ongoing violence and power imbalance situations which cannot be overcome by legal representation.

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If an agreement is reached at mediation, it is usually reduced in writing and it becomes a legally enforceable contract. Some or all of the issues can be resolved at mediation.

Parties Decide

Whether or not to settle is entirely in the hands of the parties. The mediator has no decision making power.



All documents produced at mediation and all conversations at mediation are confidential. The final agreement, however, may be producible in certain situations.

For more information about the court connected mediation program, visit the following government website:

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