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Dog Bite Cases - Children Injured by Dogs in Ottawa, Ontario

Irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to attack or bite others can be held liable to pay huge compensation to victims. 
Dog bites can cause significant injuries. Those injuries can be permanent. All dogs can cause serious physical, emotional and/or psychological injuries. Often dog bites cause permanent tissue scarring and muscle damage which may require major cosmetic and reconstructive surgery or multiple surgeries. In many cases, in addition to physical injuries, victims suffer long lasting emotional and psychological trauma requiring years of medical treatments that are expensive. This is often the case with children who are attacked or bitten by dogs.  Some victims suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and other disorders which require medical attention and sometimes treatments can last for years. Victims suffer out of pocket expenses and income losses. Who is to pay for all of these costs and expenses?
In Ontario, dog owners are “strictly” liable to victims.  The victim need only prove that the dog bit or attacked them and identify the owner (prove who the owner is).  There are very few defences to dog owners when their dogs attack or bite someone.
Dog bite victims can advance many types of claims and recover monetary compensation. Damages include compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, income losses, business losses, lost income opportunities, out of pocket expenses and future losses.
Dog bite injury claims in Ontario can be complex and involve many issues that require specialized legal attention, such as proving the identity of the dog owner, proving injuries, proving damages and assessing future losses.  Our dog bite lawyers work closely with financial experts, medical specialists, investigators and other experts to investigate, assess and determine the full extent of financial damages our clients may face over a lifetime.
In many cases, the dog owner has insurance to cover the damages claimed by the victim. In many cases, home owners’s insurance or tenant’s insurance will cover the damages claimed.
Our lawyers offer free case assessments and consultations and work on the basis of contingency fees arrangements which means no fees are charged until you win your case. Our law office advances the cost of pursuing, investigating, assessing, preparing and settlement of cases. 
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Marc N. Quinn, Injury Lawyer and Mediator